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  • Desserts

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  • Pitas

  • Salad

  • Warm Starters


  • Katmer

    Katmer is an ancient flaky pastry of Anatolia, traditionally eaten during breakfast; but rather
  • Künefe

    Künefe is a crispy cheese-filled dessert made with kadayıf (kah-dah-YUF’), which is a
  • Ice-cream

    Variety of fruit ice-creams with fruit pieces
  • Kadayıf

    Oven Baked Shredded Pastry With Pistachio Filling in Thick Syrup Angel’s Hair Dessert
  • Kadayif With Ice-cream

    You can treat yourself with our delicious kadayif with any kind of ice-cream that you want to taste.


  • Chicken Wings Shish

    Chicken wings sihsh that is sauced with our special formula is served after cooked in a wood fire.
  • Liver Shish

    Liver Shicsh; It is chosen from calf liver, sauced and cooked in a wood fire.
  • Chop

    Lamb chop sauced with a special sauce of Nakkaşkebap
  • Çöp Shish

    Çöp Shish is made of meat cubes with a sauce and cooked in a wood fire.
  • Lamb Shish

    It is prepared from the meat which is obtained from the rump of the lamb and cooked in a wood fire.
  • Lamb Shish With A Sauce

    The lamb is seasoned with marinating and served after cooked in a wood fire.
  • Grilled Chicken

    Special Nakkaş Grilled Chicken With A Sauce
  • Mixed Grill

    Nakkaşkebap Special Mixed Grill
  • Grilled Cutlet

    Grilled Cutlet, the most delicious example of Anatolian cuisine which is prepared with lamb
  • Spare Rib

    Spare Rib Grill


  • Beyti Kebab

    Our Beyti kebab is prepared with taking fat and nerves from carefully selected lambs.
  • Ali Nazik

    Aubergine Puree With Yoghurt Served With Seasoned Ground Meat
  • Mutton Leg Kebab

    It is specially prepared from lamb.
  • Aubergine Kebab

    Meatballs prepared with spices and minced meat with a sauce are served with fresh aubergines
  • Urfa Kebab

    Urfa Kebab, unique flavor of Anatolian cuisine, is prepared in accordance with the actual
  • adana kebap

    Adana Kebab

    Our famous Adana Kebab is prepared from meats which chosen carefully…



  • Ezme Salad

    Ezme Salad (Tomato Salad Similar To Gazpacho). Indispensable Ezme salad of Anatolian cuisine,
  • Shepherd Salad

    Our regional shepherd salad prepared from seasonal fresh and organic vegetables.
  • Nakkaş Salad

    Nakkaş salad, which is prepared with daily fresh vegetables, includes tomatoes, cucumbers,
  • Blend Salad

    Nakkaş Kebap Blend Salad; Tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, parsley, lemon, cabbage, vinegar, oil
  • Cucumber Yoghurt

    Nakkaş Kebap Cucumber Yoghurt; Fresh daily cucumbers are peeled off and shred. Yoghurt and cold
  • Gavurdağı Salad

    Tomatoes and green peppers are cubed, the onion is cut in small pieces and rubbed with a little salt.

Warm Starters